Residential living will irreversibly change. CES is looking at the main drivers and design considerations.

To design the next generation residential real estate, we have to consider 2 main influences:

1. reflect the “new normal” after COVID-19

2. readiness for another lock down (e.g. due to another pandemic)

To better describe new residential real estate trends, we are looking at some of the global shifts and provide the necessary design considerations.

Shift 1: In the developed world an estimated of 25% will be working from home and many more will follow a hybrid system

Shift 2: Sales of home fitness equipment grew by 170% during the pandemic

Shift 3: Online learning is on the rise and will be the future of the modern education system

Our homes were predominantly viewed simply as a place to live. However, Covid-19 has changed this view fundamentally. A virus with a dimension of 0.12 microns has forced us to change the way we think about our homes, probably irreversibly.

The residences of the future must be transformed to a place we can live, play, work, relax and exercise. A small spare bedroom or the living room couch are merely a good strategy for a home office. We therefore provide a high-level outlook for the design considerations of the residential real estate of the future:

The New Office

An integrated “living room + home office” layout will be the new norm. The new home office can be designed with very little space requirements but must reflect an environment where a digital working culture is embraced. The times where we need big folders full of papers are gone. Collaborative workspace platforms with integrated file sharing and video conferencing are the new norm. Chair and desk must become a designated education and working place with a design inviting the user to spend time. This will further lead to a more flexible working culture embracing work at any time convenient. Noise cancellation head phones and mics can assist in video conferencing and/ or working conditions with increased noise levels.

The New Home Gym

Spinning bikes, weights, fitness equipment and yoga mats integrated and stored in your wall cabinet will be ready to be used within minutes. Not visible to any visitors, the equipment can rival some of the best gyms in the world. The fitness routine will be oriented towards your living room TV in order to follow fitness classes or just watch the news. With the raise of online trainers and training session the trend towards a home gym will become common place. For many of us the Home Gym will be used in combination with our regular gym but allows us in time of lock down to be self-sufficient.

The Digital School

Last but not least we want to further look into the possible hybrid education system for our children, where physical presence and digital home schooling will be used in combination. Similar to the home office explained above, a learning pod will become an interesting new place for our children to explore, learn and experience. They can follow the teacher’s session remotely, do their homework or just read online. Similar to the New Office we want to provide a new designated digital learning space for our children.

Whether we are looking for a new development or a retrofit, the shifts can be tailored to most living spaces. In order to create long term value, it is imperative to plan ahead.

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