Green Clean Crypto Mining Fund (GCC Mining Fund)

Fund Size

USD 250m

Fund Description


The Green Clean Crypto Mining Fund (GCC-I) is investing in Crypto mining located in Siberia, Russia.

The Crypto Mining Fund is investing in a state of the art Crypto mining operation located in Siberia. The investment takes advantage of the Bratsk Hydro Power station providing energy at a cost of $US0.04 per kwh. The combination of the low energy costs and the intrinsic low temperature in Siberia provides an extremely favourable Crypto mining environment. The cost advantages as outlined above are one of the cornerstones of this project. A further USP is the use of hydro energy which provides a green, environmentally friendly operation.

The Fund is paying dividends in the form of Crypto to the investors and targets an annual IRR of >25%.

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Fund highlights

Fund Manager: CES Investments
Fund Admin: APEX
Legal: BSA
Auditor: Russell Bedford
Partner Minery
Fund Profile: Crypto
Target Market: Russia
Fund Size: USD 250m
Closing: USD 100m (Q4 2021)
USD 150m (Q2 2022)
Fund Term: 5 + 2 Years