Heritage Gold Fund

Fund Size

USD 100m

Fund Description

Commodity - Gold

CES has signed a mining and exploration agreement with Paramare Enterprise Limited to receive a minimum of 2.75 tons of gold within 5 years.

Paramare is currently mining 50kg of gold per month and is increasing their capacity to 500kg per month. 85% of all gold mined will be provided to the fund and shipped to a save location (e.g. DMCC Dubai) where the gold will be tested, certified and stored. As soon as the fund has received >$US100million in gold value within its storage location, the mine will reduce the % provided (according to the schedule outlined). The Fund is providing a 9% dividend while expecting an investor IRR of >25%.

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Fund highlights

Fund Manager: CES Investments
Fund Admin: APEX
Legal: BSA
Auditor: Russell Bedford
Development Partner: Heritage Bank
Local Partner: Peramare Enterprises Limited
Fund Profile: Commodities
Target Market: Nigeria
Fund Size: USD 100m
Closing: USD 100m (Q4 2021)
Fund Term: 5 + 2 Years