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CES Investments is a manager of alternative investment products, primarily real estate and private equity funds.

At the heart of CES Investments are Special Situation and Growth
Opportunity Funds, designed to source potential investments from across the globe. These funds are mostly project-centred and are characterised with a risk/return profile at the higher end of the spectrum.

Our team analyses economic cycles, macro trends, technology shifts, pre-IPO space and market movements in order to identify the best available opportunities. Our recommendations rely on a disciplined research process coupled with in-depth due diligence.


We also offer top-performing, third-party UAE-based Partner Funds, in order to provide the highest levels of customisation to our customers.

Our Partner Funds are hand-picked and allow diversification in uncorrelated asset classes, in order to balance our Special Situation and Growth Opportunity Funds based on the risk/return profile of our clients.

This open architecture strategy allows us to offer best-in-class diversified investment solutions.

At CES Investments we believe that investments have to be customised according to a multidisciplinary decision-making process. Our investment managers are always available to discuss the best customised portfolio with you.


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